We currently provide the following financial solutions:
- Personal loans 

- Business loans 
- LPO financing
- Funds investment 

- Portfolio management
- Trade support
- Financial advisory services

For Loans, Our finance unit provides friendly financial support and guidance for corporates and other bankable individuals.
Call: +2348185000488 to schedule a meeting to discuss your need.
We're here to attend to your financial needs!

Actual Loan Application & Evaluation Process:
- Client Calls Us And Books An Appointment
- Client Comes Over To Our Office With All Relevant Documents To Be Assessed and fills our KYC form.
- We Forward The Documents To Our Loans & Risk Department For Evaluation
- We Call The Client To Relay The Verdict.
- If The Application Is Successful, the Application is approved, and business relationship is initiated.

Please find below the relevant documents for loan application.
1. Letter of Employment
2. 8 passport photographs
3. Credit life And Asset Cover Insurance
4. National Form of ID
5. Rent and PHCN payment receipt
6. Blank cheques.
7. Official ID

**Collateral is needed. 

Acceptable form of collateral:
1. Acceptable car with original papers and post dated transfer of ownership pending loan repayment.
2. Transfer of Shares of Approved Companies Listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange Pending Loan Repayment.

OGF Microfinance Programme

OGF Microfinance Programme
- simple money solutions.