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OGF Insurance and Investment Programme Is An OGF Initiative Involved In Investment & Risk Management Advisory Services With Proven Expertise In Financial Advisory, Securities Dealing (Fixed Income And Equities), Asset Management And Deal Origination. 

Using Our In-Depth Knowledge Of Guaranteed Income Investments, Credit Access, Capital Markets And Risk Management, We Recommend Suitable Investment & Risk Management Options For Our Clients Who May Be Individuals, Commercial Businesses Or Organizations.

Always Acting In The Interest Of Our Clients, We Offer Products From More Than One Provider Ensuring That Our Clients Get The Best Deals At All Times.

We Desire To Partner With You In Providing Bespoke Products That Address Your Investment & Risk Management Needs No matter How Simple Or Complex They May Be.

We help our clients: 
- Make informed and strategic investment and risk management decisions based on their pre-analyzed investment and life goals.
- Decide the most suitable investment options for them based on their financial goals.
- Access credit based on well structured and assessed repayment plans.
- Manage their finances better and more efficiently using our superior wealth growth strategies.
- Get exposed to wealth building lifestyles and investment options.
- Monitor the markets and alert them on strategic investment opportunities that would lead to appreciable capital growth in specific time frames.
- Access investment and risk management packages that improve on their present bottom lines by at least 50% in most cases.

We also assist by:
- Assessing Clients’ investment and risk management Options.
- Negotiating With Providers To Find The Most Suitable investment and risk management Options For Our Clients And At The Best Prices.
- Arranging Specialized Types Of investment and risk management Cover In Complex Cases; This May Involve Preparing Reports For Insurance Underwriters And Surveyors And Negotiating With Insurers.
- Advising Clients On investment and risk management Options, Helping To Devise New Ways To Mitigate Risks.
- Renewing Or Amending Existing investment and risk management Policies.
- Advising Clients Whether And When They Need To Make A Claim, Pull out, or Cash-in On Their investment and risk management Products or Policies.
- Keeping Up With Changes In investment and risk management.

Kindly Find Below A Few Of Our Services And Products For Your Perusal And Action.

Micro Finance 
(Loans, L.P.O Financing & Business Advisory)
Wealth Management 
(Portfolio Management, Financial Advisory & Other Financial Services)
Asset Management
Financial Advisory
General & Life Insurance Advisory
Funds Re-Organization
Portfolio Restructuring
Portfolio Consolidation
Personal Finance Management
Retirement Planning

As Retail Investment & Insurance Advisors
We Usually Arrange Insurance Policies For Individuals Or Companies And Deal Directly On Their Behalf.

Our Present And Prospective Clientele Profile include:  
- Corporate Executives, 
- Working-Class Professionals, 
- Bankers, 
- Small Business Owners, 
- Women In Business, 
- House Wives, 
- High Net-Worth Individuals, 
- Civil Servants, 
- Academic & Non-Academic University Staff, 
- Medical Professionals, 
- Lawyers, 
Amongst Others.
We Will Be Willing And Available To Make Further Clarifications And Presentations On This Proposal At A Date Convenient To You And Look Forward To Hearing From You Soon.

OGF Insurance and Investment Programme 
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